Providing global security solutions to protect lives and property
Providing global security solutions to protect lives and property
Uniformed Security Officer Services

S.E.A.L. Security Texas provides highly qualified security officers that are prepared to work in any environment. When working in the field they maintain a respectful, professional, and unobtrusive demeanor. Also, our security officers are required to undergo rigorous background checks prior to employment in order to provide you with the best possible protection. Our expertly trained and fully uniformed security officers will maintain a strong presence in your facility to deter criminal activity.

We offer armed and unarmed security services. An armed security officer can carry a weapon while on duty and has obtained a commissioned (Level III) security officer license from the Texas Private Security Bureau. Training includes classroom instruction and handgun-firing elements.

S.E.A.L. Security Texas has a state licensed, world class training facility. To learn more about security officer training, please contact us.

K-9 Units

S.E.A.L. Security Texas offers K-9 security services for a variety of situations including detecting drugs, explosives, and weapons; special event patrols; and tracking/apprehending suspects.

Our K-9 teams consist of professional handlers and specially trained German shepherds. Together with our highly qualified security officers, these dogs are an extremely effective deterrent against crime.

S.E.A.L. Security Texas K-9 security teams are often called upon to:

  • Guard commercial and residential properties
  • Screen event attendees for weapons, drugs, and explosives
  • Serve as a visual deterrent at special events
  • Detect narcotics and other illicit drugs in school/work lockers
  • Accompany security guards on patrol
  • Locate suspects in hiding

As with all of our security offerings, S.E.A.L. Security Texas K-9 security services can be customized to best meet your security needs. Whether you need a strong visual deterrent, a one-time security sweep for drugs or explosives, or a comprehensive security solution that blends K-9 patrols with other security services, we’ll ensure that you always get the support you need and demand.

Vessel Assessment

Knowledgeable and experienced personnel should assist the captain and vessel owners to inspect the entry and boarding points that are attractive to pirates and vulnerable to ocean boarding. The security consultants would advise the captain on what methods to take, once at sea, to secure these vulnerable areas. Those areas that cannot be immediately secured upon sailing must be pinpointed for later lock down should the pirates succeed in breaching the initial layers of security. Security consultants will also analyze escape routes and secure holding areas that can be used as areas of safe retreat should the outer perimeter be breached.


Ship personnel will undergo specialized training in the actions that need to be taken in the event of an attack. De-sensitivity training, to ensure calm response, as opposed to a panic reaction, will be a necessary component of the training program. Personnel will not be trained to engage the pirates, but rather in techniques to safely retreat and secure the vessel to hinder the takeover by pirates. Specialized equipment and highly trained protection dogs will be provided as part of the multi layered security. Ship personnel will be trained in the use and care of that equipment and the handling of the dogs.

Special Forces Personnel

Highly specialized, trained personnel, who have extensive military, marine and combat security experience, may also be provided as needed to remain on board during transit. It will be the responsibility of these operatives to ensure that all the security initiatives have been implemented and to provide 24 hour surveillance and patrols. They will be responsible for monitoring the specialized equipment, handling the dogs, and organizing and initiating the response to any threat. Their primary objective will be to change the profile of the vessel from being a “soft target” to one that will require extreme effort and risk to board. With the element of surprise lost and the possibility of strong resistance, it is likely that the pirates will withdraw seeking easier prey elsewhere.

Sophisticated Technology

As firearms are not an option on most merchant vessels, it will be necessary to employ sophisticated technology to detect and repel the pirates. Long Range Acoustic Devices, Magnetic Audio Devices, Thermal Imagers, Night Sun Torches and Anti Boarding Systems are only part of the vast array of technological devises that will be used to discourage boarding. The security needs of each vessel will be individually analyzed and assessed, and the correct blend of devices will be employed to provide the maximum security.

Elite Canine Assault Teams

One of the most unique components of SEAL Security Solutions is our Elite Canine Assault Teams. With extensive training in bite development, perimeter defense and target immobilization, these dogs are as physically fit as they are intelligent. Although the physical aspects of these Canines are important, it is their intelligence and sophisticated training curriculum which sets them apart from other attack/guard dogs. With the ability to obey without hesitation over 30 commands, these dogs comprise the most elite canine teams in the world.

The demands of our program require selecting only the highest caliber of dogs. Once selected, they receive extensive training in advanced fighting and handler protection skills including those needed to manage multiple violent attackers. The dogs may be deployed by their handler at any time in defense of unauthorized boarding or used to independently secure specific areas. Needless to say, these highly specialized canines provide a formidable barrier to those pirates who have evaded initial pre-boarding tactical measures. Unlike aggressive “guard dogs” often used on vessels, SEAL Security Solution’s elite teams may function safely around a vessel’s personnel without incident.

In addition to a viable means of defense, our Elite Canine Assault Teams provide a convincing psychological deterrent as well. The reputation of “attack dogs” typically strikes fear into the hearts of would be attackers. As a result we will demarcate all vessels which include our canine teams with our Elite Canine Assault Unit insignia. Pirates who see this insignia will in all likelihood choose softer targets.

While much attention has focused on ransoms, the safety of crew members must be paramount. Pirates must first engage our non-lethal yet hostile defenses prior to any possible takeover. This engagement provides the much needed time for personnel to seek safe haven within secured areas of the vessel.

Our canine handlers have ex-military training with extensive K9 law enforcement backgrounds prior to entering our program. A vessel’s options include multiple teams, armed or unarmed, with individual handlers capable of handling up to three dogs at any given time.