Providing global security solutions to protect lives and property
Providing global security solutions to protect lives and property
We offer a wide array of the most advanced security options for our clients and their assets.


Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Professionally trained security personnel
  • State of the art surveillance system installation
  • Armed escorts for land, sea, and air
  • Background check services
  • Satellite Ship tracking technology
  • Internationally renown elite canine unit
    • Explosive Detection
    • Controlled Substance Detection
    • Protection
    • Customized task oriented training
  • Real time communication systems
  • Asset vulnerability assessments
  • Personnel Training and Education
  • Defensive Weaponry
    • Non-lethal technology
      • Thermal Imaging technology
      • Anti-boarding systems
      • Long range acoustic devices
    • Sub-lethal weaponry
      • Bean bag shot guns
      • Tasers and stun guns
  • Small arms and close proximity, defensive measures
    • Wide range of hand guns
    • Long range assault rifles
  • Security Guard Services
  • Commercial Security
  • Residential Security
  • School & Church Security
  • Event Security
  • Industrial Security
  • Workplace Security