Providing global security solutions to protect lives and property
Providing global security solutions to protect lives and property
Elite Canine Assault Teams

As with all of our security offerings, S.E.A.L. Security K-9 security services can be customized to best meet your security needs. Whether you need a strong visual deterrent, a one-time security sweep for drugs or explosives, or a comprehensive security solution that blends K-9 patrols with other security services, we’ll ensure that you always get the support you need and demand.

One of the most unique components of SEAL Security Solutions is our Elite Canine Assault Teams. With extensive training in bite development, perimeter defense and target immobilization, these dogs are as physically fit as they are intelligent. Although the physical aspects of these Canines are important, it is their intelligence and sophisticated training curriculum which sets them apart from other attack/guard dogs. With the ability to obey without hesitation over 30 commands, these dogs comprise the most elite canine teams in the world.

The demands of our program require selecting only the highest caliber of dogs. Once selected, they receive extensive training in advanced fighting and handler protection skills including those needed to manage multiple violent attackers.

In addition to a viable means of defense, our Elite Canine Assault Teams provide a convincing psychological deterrent as well. The reputation of “attack dogs” typically strikes fear into the hearts of would be attackers.

Our canine handlers have ex-military training with extensive K9 law enforcement backgrounds prior to entering our program.